Aquila Interactive Co., Limited is a Hong Kong-based upstart game developer and publisher focused on creating immersive and complex gaming experiences. Our team is an international group of talented and dedicated professionals to elevate the expectations of the PC gaming industry.

Aquila Interactive seeks to deliver an eagle-eye view to players with acute attention to detail. Named after the majestic eagle itself, Aquila aspires to allow gamers to fine-tune multiple aspects of gameplay. We aim to differentiate ourselves by lowering the barriers for small teams and individuals to create and design content for our games.

At Aquila, our goals are focused on driving player contributions and engagement in our games and the broader gaming industry.

Creating imaginative and captivating games

While developing and strategizing for our future games, we challenge ourselves to consider each layer of the game simultaneously—from grand strategy and global perspectives to the many individual in-game building blocks. How will the first click in the game influence early-game tactics, mid-game strategy, and end-game results? Each one of our games will allow an infinite set of outcomes, yet we aspire to create balanced and thoughtful gameplay grounded with consistent mechanics across all possibilities.

Bridging the gap between player and game designer

For individuals and small teams who wish to create high-quality games matching those even of larger studios, Aquila is developing a user-friendly Unity-based toolkit to allow player-creators to shape our gaming universe to their own specifications with UGC. We intend to release a developer’s toolkit alongside each of our internally developed games. Why are we doing this? As gamers ourselves, who enjoy both creating intricate worlds and experiencing them, we hope to empower players with the ability to design and fully customize their own worlds.

Redefining the gaming industry workplace.

At Aquila, we have experienced publishing and development teams collaborating remotely. Working remotely, we are able to source top talent globally and provide the same lively collaboration experienced in an office. We are a fast-moving company embracing new technology in our working environment to enhance productivity, innovation, creativity, and fun. By creating a dynamic and engaging working environment, we hope to imbue our excitement for our games to our devoted gamers and fans.

Disrupting the gaming experience.

We plan to create an underlying game engine that we hope will reduce the separation between players and creators. With increasingly powerful hardware and knowledge about shaping our virtual worlds, the Aquila team feels it is time to empower players to create unique gaming experiences. Players will be able to use our upcoming user-friendly game engines to tailor the direction of our games to our own specifications—and create entirely new games. Aquila will always produce compelling in-house content. However, we envision that PC-gaming will soar to unforeseen heights with active and diverse contribution from dedicated player-creators.

As Aquila grows, we aspire to expand our influence in the gaming world, becoming an established and leading publisher in the strategy and grand strategy genre. We intend to capture an audience of dedicated gamers and creators who will work with us to create a vibrant community and dynamic games. Within five years, we expect to become a serious name in game publishing, contending equally with current well-known publishers for the hearts and minds of gamers.