Nov 17, 2022 | Press Releases


Aquila Interactive Co., Limited

HONG KONG, November 17, 2022Aquila Interactive is excited to announce the development of its first grand strategy game. Gilded Destiny will allow players to confront the prosperity and turmoil of the Industrial Revolution by taking the helm of any nation. Players will assume all responsibility for transitioning their country from a backward agrarian society to a booming industrial powerhouse. The game is a deep simulation of societal transformation, industrialization, the economy, warfare, and diplomacy.

Gilded Destiny is being developed by Aquila Interactive’s own development studio, Aquila Genesis. The game is under development and will be available for pre-release sometime soon. We expect the game to be released in 2024!

Many of the features we have incorporated into Gilded Destiny will offer new innovations for the grand strategy simulation genre.

Check out our Steam page for trailers, screenshots, and to add the game to your wishlist:

Features of Gilded Destiny include:

Recreate and relive a pivotal age

  • Experience the transformative era of Industrial Revolution as it happens.
  • Complex development mechanics from province resource management, city building, to factory construction. Unlike your typical GSG, physical placement of buildings matters!
  • Realistic simulation of population, culture, migration, assimilation, and career change to reflect the massive societal change of the time.
  • Unlock groundbreaking technological breakthroughs and research to propel your nation on a path of industrialization.

Rule with your own leadership style

  • Define and execute your own leadership strategy. Shape your country’s governing policies to match your vision. Economic, labor, social, diplomatic, and military policies are all at your fingertips. Suppress a domestic labor strike, while you wage war with your hostile neighbor, and sign a peace treaty with your old enemy!
  • A flexible leader management system allows you to appoint leaders to political, research, and military positions. With both historical and fictional characters to pick from, you can explore all possible timelines!
  • Name everything! Every country, province, and even city can be renamed as you desire to fit your alternate history scenario. When starting a game, you can even create your own country and design your own flag directly in game.

A grand simulation for a grand strategy

  • A massive globe consists of over 1 million+ hexagons with distinct biomes, terrain, and weather patterns reflecting the real world all in beautiful 3D.
  • Intricate global supply and demand simulation paired with a supply chain simulation from raw resource to manufactured goods and to satisfy global demands in a transit network.

Realistic war mechanics

  • The technological breakthroughs of the era that fundamentally changed the face of war are reflected in the game
  • Direct control of military units to achieve your objectives. While AI will automate many routine tasks, you are never prevented from issuing orders directly to specific units.
  • Control of vital railway / transit hubs will have great logistical importance to your industrial output and ability to sustain a war.

Built to be modded

  • The game has a built-in editor to allow players to shape their world however they choose.
  • All contents are directly moddable, giving you a great degree of freedom to remake the game to your imagination.
  • Mods will be supported through the Steam Workshop.


Release date for Gilded Destinyto be announced.


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